Guest Information - Stable Cottage

Arrival and Departure

We’ve changed our arrival (earliest 4pm) and departure (latest 9am) to give us extra time to clean at changeovers. Please help us by observing these.

On arrival, you’ll find the key in the unlocked door, so just let yourself in.

Prior to departure, we ask you to put the bed-linen and towels into different black bin bags (and tie them closed). You can find the bin bags in the kitchen cupboard under the toaster.


Government guidelines have advised us to remove non-essentials this year. No books, games, maps are left in the cottage at the moment. Please bring your own with you. We have a DVD player and a couple of DVDs (which we clean at each changeover). You can usually pick up cheap old DVDs at the Fort William charity shops.


The radiators are night-storage heaters, and come on morning and evening at the temperature indicated on the screen. Some people aren’t warm enough and others are too hot. Please change the settings to suit you. There are two ways to do that.

  1. Use the dial to adjust the temperature when the heating is on.
  2. Timer mode ‘out all day’ turns the radiators on morning and evening. If you need it, it’s possible to put some heat out around lunchtime by selecting ‘in all day’.

Hot water

This is also a night-storage system and there should be plenty of hot water for your needs. However, if you need extra, there is a switch in the kitchen that allows you to boost for 30 minutes or an hour or two.


You have access to the “Guests” network on the property.


We have made every effort to ensure that the Stable Cottage is clean and comfortable, and therefore we ask you to leave it as you find it.


If you find any crockery or glassware chipped, cracked or broken, please tell us straight away so that the item can be replaced. If you find any other damage, staining or equipment not working, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can fix the problem.


You’ll see 2 bins in the trees between the chalet and cottage. The BLUE bin is for recycling, and can take cardboard, food tins and cans, paper, and plastic bottles only. There is a small green crate for bottles - please rinse them out before putting them in there to avoid a build up of wasps. The GREEN bin is for all other household rubbish. As each bin is collected once a fortnight (on Wednesdays), we ask you to bag your non-recyclable rubbish before binning it. You’ll find further details of what can be recycled on a poster just inside the front door.


We have a wonderful garden, which you are welcome to enjoy. We leave it grow as there are some beautiful wild flowers and orchids here, and they bring a lot of animal- and insect-life into view. There are steps down to the burn beside the cottage, but beware that they can be slippery in wet weather so wear sensible shoes.

Although our garden stops at the bridge, you can through the gate to the River Spean itself. Beyond the railway the terrain is very slippery - hold on to anything you can. The river’s depth changes from day to day depending on recent rainfall. There are some beautiful slate striations running across the river – often submerged.

We have been trying to stomp a path along the river this Spring - see if you can find it by following the orange wool. In these quieter times, we have occasionally disturbed deer down there.

There is a bird table in front of the cottage. Feel free to leave bits out for them – we have a very hungry flock of chaffinches who devour everything they can get. We also get visits from bullfinches, siskins, blue, cole and great tits. Elsewhere in the garden we have grey wagtails, dunnocks, a tree creeper and a family of woodpeckers. If you fancy grubbing around a bit, you might even find a slow worm in the compost heap! Of course, this being the countryside, there are mice, voles, shrews, frogs and toads all around which provide meals for the owls who visit at night. In the long evenings, you may well see plenty of bats (but beware the midges who have night-vision googles).

Finally, we have had a family of pine martens grow up here several years running, although we haven’t seen them this year. They are particularly partial to jam and peanut butter (although I’ve been reliably informed that these aren’t necessarily good for them), and will turn up every night when they think there’s a chance of being rewarded for their efforts.