Going into the Hills

Many of our guests are seasoned walkers and climbers. If that’s you, please excuse the lecture below!

Outdoor Access

Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code can be summarised as:

  • take responsibility for your own actions
  • respect the interests of other people
  • care for the environment

Scotland has a problem with litter - you may have seen it strewn along the roadsides around. You will help hugely by bringing your litter back with you and disposing of it in our bins. You may even consider taking a spare plastic bag with you to bring back other people’s litter. It might seem a small gesture, but if we all fill a bag each time …

Ben Nevis

The highest mountain in the UK is of course very popular, and all our tramping feet are taking a toll, so please keep to the paths as indicated. It is also worth remembering that it is a mountain, and as such has several micro-climates as you progress up - you need to be prepared for winter at any time of the year. Also, fogs can settle on the upper half of the mountain at a moment’s notice, making the path very difficult to follow.

Stalking season

Some very fine walks cross deer-stalking estates, and at some points of the year those estates may be closed to walkers or may require notification. If you know that you’re likely to enter such an estate, contact them first.

Let us know your plans

Finally, please let us know if you are going up into the hills – by posting these details through our front-door letter box.

If you don’t come back by your expected time (or let us know that you’re safe), we’ll pass these details on to the police, so the more detailed the better!

Lochaber Mountain Rescue team is the busiest in the UK, and we don’t want you to need their help. If you’re planning on going up any of the hills, check the weather, make sure you have appropriate gear, and know how you’re going to get off the hills if the weather comes in.

We have plenty of guests who are coming to bag munroes. They leave us their plan as a matter of course. We’d like you to do the same.

Can we recommend any walks?

Yes, we can. Best done by recommending books. Until best practice guidelines required us to remove books, we had these three books permanently available: